The story of how NordstromDave got me a kisspic

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I blogged about @NordstromDave a few weeks ago. It is terrific what he is doing on Twitter and also the fact that his employer, Nordstrom encourages him.

Lately I’ve also been including the story of @NordstromDave in my speeches.

Last night I presented in Amsterdam and Jan Willem Alphenaar, an expert in social media, storytelling, and crowd sourcing, was in the audience. He produced a movie completely created by the crowd. The film DSBthemovie was shown in theaters in the Netherlands and I wrote about it in my book Real-Time Marketing & PR..

Anyway, Jan created this terrific real-time slideshare. It only takes a minute to check out.

Thanks so much Jan. You tell the story better than I do.

And @NordstromDave thanks for getting me a kisspic from the lovely @Roosvanvugt

Amsterdam kisspic