Made in the Shade with Oakley real-time Chile miner marketing coup

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Miner It has been estimated that more than a billion people worldwide witnessed part of the live broadcast of the 33 Chilean miners as they were rescued over the past two days.

That's over a billion people who also saw the Oakley sunglasses the miners were wearing as they emerged into the light.

Oakley Oakley donated the sunglasses that provided the miners with protection from ultraviolet light after been underground for months. The Oakley logo seen on each of the miners' stylish glasses is an fantastic example of Real-Time Marketing & PR in action.

According to a CNBC report, Oakley donated 35 pairs of the Radar model sunglasses with Black Iridium lenses in Path and Range lens shapes for the miners. The glasses have Oakley Plutonite lens material that filters out the UV rays. The sunglasses retail for $180.

No matter how you choose to measure, the benefits of such a marketing coup are certainly enormous. According to research done for CNBC by Front Row Analytics, just the worldwide television impact alone generated $41 million in equivalent advertising time for Oakley.

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Hat tip to my friend Frank Strong at Vocus for alerting us to this story in real time.

Image credit – Marketplace from National Public Radio