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Monster_logo I was delighted when Monster reached out to my publisher John Wiley & Sons to request an excerpt of my book Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead which I wrote with Brian Halligan and that came out a few weeks ago.

But wait!

Monster, the job site, runs an excerpt of Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead? What's going on here? I needed to learn more.

The excerpt, which they titled Social Media Wisdom from the Grateful Dead: Be Yourself, ran in the Recruiting & Hiring Advice section, which is aimed at hiring managers.

There is a ton of Recruiting & Hiring information in categories that include: Attracting Candidates, Employee Sourcing, Interviewing Candidates, Screening Candidates, Acquiring Candidates, Hiring Costs, and Workforce Planning.

And, poking around further, I found a bunch of information for job seekers as well such as this Resume Writing Help.

Monster Brand Journalism

What a great example of brand journalism at work.

The folks at Monster know that great content attracts both job seekers and those who are looking to fill positions. Each article serves as search engine fodder to attract those looking for specific information and then drives them in as potential customers.

Monster_employement_index And for the media, there is valuable stuff too such as this Monster employment index which is chock full of quotable information.

Regular readers of this blog know I’m obsessed with brand journalism. It's an amazing way to market.

Every organization can learn from what Monster is doing.