Mary Henige of GM on storytelling and humanizing the company

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The final video in my series of four from my day at General Motors is with Mary Henige who is in charge of both social media communications and broadcast communications. I ask her about her dual role and we talk about storytelling (especially online) and its role in humanizing the company.

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This video is 7 minutes.
Filmed with my Flip video camera and edited on iMovie.
Direct link to the video here.

My favorite (lightly edited) quote: "From the beginning of time, people have been telling stories... You make things personal when you tell stories… Now through the power of YouTube and blogging, you’re telling a story that seems very intimate... You make friends with people that you’ve never met."

:00 – 2:00 Humanizing GM by showcasing GM people.

2:00 -3:20 Storytelling to make an emotional connection to customers.

3:20 – 5:10 On Henige’s dual role of broadcast media and social media: How different are they?

5:10 – 6:40 Henige’s advice to her peers about communicating through social media.

I'll be doing one more post later today where I share my thoughts with GM marketers about what they are doing well and some suggestions for improvement.