World Wide Rave at Singapore Indoor Stadium

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World Wide Rave (the book) is now at the printer and is scheduled to start shipping in late February.

It's been an absolute blast to get photos and videos of the World Wide Rave poster from all over the world. In fact, we have images from all seven continents. Thank you to all who have participated. Watch for a blog post here in a week or two putting it all together.

Over the weekend, Tina Nirmal, Apurva Prasanna, and Michelle Kusuma posted this wonderfully clever video on YouTube that they created in Singapore. The short video very neatly articulates a powerful idea.

As you can read on their blog describing the video, they used the World Wide Rave photo and video shoot as an opportunity to portray the Singapore Indoor Stadium as one of Singapore’s iconic locations.

Tina, Apurva and Michelle decided to do something different. The video, which took two days to create, is a huge collection of still photographs, which they stitched up to portray the idea of World Wide Rave.

I love it. Thank you!

While I have not been to the Singapore indoor stadium, I did see Michael Jackson perform at the Singapore outdoor stadium in 1993.

Separately, a number of images from Singapore have appeared, making it the second most represented country after the U.S. You can find more images from Singapore here. News Flash! Localized World Wide Rave breaks out at Singapore