IBM's terrific "Mainframe: Art of the Sale" sequels now available on YouTube!

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If you've seen one of my keynotes or one-day seminars in the past year, you've seen one of my favorite viral videos: IBM's wonderful Mainframe: Art of the Sale (lesson one).

The first series of three videos was selected as one of Comedy Central's "Staff Favorites."

For all of you Mainframe: Art of the Sale fans I have good news to share that was just passed onto me by Tim Washer who has the way cool Web 2.0 title of "Manager, New Media Web Video" at IBM. There are three brand new installments of Mainframe: Art of the Sale fans available now!

If you've never seen Mainframe: Art of the Sale, you might want to start with lesson one which is right here.

You can check out the other installments in the series by visiting the Mainframe blog. The newest three are done in a "Webisode" format. Besides the classic lesson one, I really like Mainframe: Art of the Sale (lesson 5).

For more information on how to create videos of your own, check out my article from the recent Pragmatic Marketer called Viral Marketing: Let The World Tell Your Story for Free. One of the coolest things about the Web is when an idea (such as a YouTube video) takes off, it can propel a brand or company to fame and fortune. For free!