Look Mom, I really did publish a book!

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Here's the problem. My mother and her friends don't see my book in the local independent bookstore in my hometown. And if my book isn’t sitting there next to Harry Potter, does it really exist?

To make matters worse, I'm not on the Today Show or Oprah or Jon Stewart plugging my book (although if invited I'd happily appear). I've explained to Mom that this is a business book with a niche audience, but I sense some skepticism.

So at my recent appearance as a keynote speaker at the Vocus User Conference in Washington DC, I filmed "proof" of my book, just for Mom.

And I also put the video into a news release and sent it using the spiffy new PRWeb video news release feature. David Meerman Scott Proves to His Mother that He Really Did Publish a Book

As of this writing, Mom hasn’t seen the video. She's at a friends house for the week and is unlikely to check email until her return next week.