Opinions & questions please: Are blogs enterprise ready content?

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I want to know what you think about blogs in the enterprise and what questions you have on this often controversial topic. This Monday April 10 I am moderating a panel at the Buying & Selling econtent Executive Conference in Scottsdale. This year’s conference theme is The Shifting Dynamics of the Content Market.

The panel is focusing on blogs and the impact of user generated content on the enterprise. I'm going to try something new. I'd like to get some questions submitted by you and your opinions via this post. Please comment or blog and send a trackback and I'll review the opinions and questions you post and probe the panel based on what's here.

When Everyone's a Publisher: The Impact of User-Generated Content

Moderator: David Meerman Scott
Cyndi Schoenbrun, Senior Research Analyst, Consumer Reports
Larry Schwartz, President, Newstex, LLC
Rusty Williams, Co-Founder, Prospero

To kick off the panel, Cyndi will share how she uses blogs every day in her job, Rusty will outline how publishers and other companies are blogging, and Larry will show us how distributors are facilitating blogs in the enterprise. Then I will ask your questions.

Here's the panel abstract: User-generated content, new rules of the road about who owns original content, and easy Web publishing technologies like blogs have made everyone a publisher. Trillions of bytes later, we remain fascinated with the process, but the impact of user-generated content as an information resource has yet to be examined. What does this wealth of unfettered content mean for premium content owners and corporate content specialists? Are user-created resources important sources of information, and if so, why? If you buy, own, or distribute content, how do you position your products or adjust your strategies? What new opportunities arise and how can you come out on the upside of this groundswell of content proliferation?

What do YOU think? Do you have any questions for the panel?