Few Professionals Are Happy With Social Networks

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Social Media  |  Research and Analysis

social share buttonsSeveral weeks ago, I presented at the ScaleUp Summit in New Orleans. It was a terrific event hosted by my friend Verne Harnish and was presented in collaboration with Bloomberg Live. I used my presentation as an opportunity to do some research on social media and the resulting data was fascinating.

At the summit, I asked the 750 attendees the following three questions:

  • Are you happy with the Social Networks?
  • Do the algorithms show what you want to see?
  • Are you getting marketing & sales results?

The percentages of people answering “yes” were surprisingly low! People aren’t happy with the social networks and they aren't getting much results through them.

Fortunately, the ScaleUp Summit team filmed my questions and the audience member’s responses, which you can see in this short video.

Over the next year, I am going to add ideas from time to time for how we can succeed in a world where social media isn’t working as well as we hoped.

Direct link to The Problems with Social Media on Vimeo.

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