Super Simple Way to Understand Artificial Intelligence

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data plus mathSome people throw their hands in the air and say they don’t understand artificial intelligence. Others think they understand AI, but really don’t. Here’s the down and dirty way to think about any AI application: it’s just data plus math.

For example, with ChatGPT as most people use it today, you’re using public internet data plus math from OpenAI. Data plus math.

I was talking about this idea with my awesome friend Kate Bradley Chernis, the CEO of Lately.ai. I love that Lately.ai takes my data and uses Lately.ai math to create short form content like tweets from my long form content like this article. My data plus Kate’s math. How cool is that?

When someone talks about AI, there are just two questions to ask: whose data and whose math.

While public internet data is getting most of the AI buzz, the real gold is applying math to your own data. I’m doing this myself in many ways. For example, I created a private AI app with all 19 years of my blog posts plus six of my books with a ChatGPT interface. I can instantly find what I’ve written in the past and use it to create something new. Cool.

I’m also playing around with my data in the HubSpot CRM. Take a look HubSpot co-founder and CTO Dharmesh’s video demo of ChatSpot for how this works.

It’s a new world! Are you in it?

Disclosures: I am an advisor to both HubSpot and Lately.

Image: Initial design via Shutterstock AI image generator

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