My Personal Experiences with the Medical Marijuana Business and the Opioid Epidemic

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The American medical system is nuts!

marijuana shutterstock_443515264.jpgDoctors hand out opioids like candy, leading to hundreds of thousands of people getting hooked on pills with a significant percentage of them gravitating to heroin while those same doctors laugh at medical marijuana.

I just published a story on Medium about my personal experiences in the medical system over the past several months.

In dealing with a non-cancerous tumor that needed to be surgically removed, I’ve explored opioids, medical marijuana, and the legal weed marketplaces.

I share how my doctor was pushing a narcotic on me but that same doctor laughed in my face when I asked about medical marijuana.

I chronicle how I navigated the Google machine to locate a weed doctor who would help me and a medical marijuana dispensary near my home.  

The Cannabis Business

My story is also a marketing case study, including interviews with some of the players in the Wild West world of the cannabis business in the United States.

I learned how Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram refuse to accept advertising for marijuana and what companies do to go around this prohibition. 

When an entire industry is brand new it presents the organizations that want to play in that marketplace with a unique marketing challenge. Marketing in a new industry becomes even more complex when the industry is highly regulated like weed.

Please check out the full story on Medium My Personal Experiences with the Medical Marijuana Business and the Opioid Epidemic