Don’t Tell Me to Share

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sharingEvery day people email me things they want me to share on my social networks.

I get that. I’m on a bunch of lists as an “influencer” or as a journalist and it is very easy to find my contact details.

Just don't tell me to share!

I’m okay with people sending me stuff that is within the things I write and speak about but I am not okay with them telling me what I should do with it.

For example, I get this kind of thing nearly every day:

Hi David,

I just published a new infographic on achieving business growth with inbound marketing that I thought you might enjoy

I’d love if you’d consider sharing it with your followers!

All the best,

Well, duh. Of course you would love me to share. I know why you are sending it to me! Don’t grovel.

People who tell me what to do like this clearly don’t know me because I’ve got so many other things I could do with the content if I like it.

What if I want to put your infographic in one of my books? How about I talk about it at my many live presentations around the world? I could reference it in one of the publications I write for such as Huffington Post.

I get it. The only reason you are sending me your wonderful stuff is that you want me to pimp it for you. You don’t know me so why else would you send it? Understood.

Just don’t tell me the obvious.

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