A Wine that Invites Customers to Become Fans

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Molly Dooker winesMy friend Colin Warwick emailed recently to share his excitement about a wine: “This wine bottle has a peel off token that invites you to become a fan. Peel it off. Stick it in your wallet. Buy it next time you revisit the store.”

What an interesting way to build fandom! I went over to the Mollydooker wine website to see what else they’re up to.

wine 2I’ve always found the marketing of wine to be super interesting. On one hand, wine is a commodity that many people buy based on the type of wine and price.

However, for other people, wine is a hobby or even an obsession. It seems that the more you know about wine, the more discerning you become. I’ve certainly become aware of this phenomenon.

I’ve always liked red wine but didn’t pay too much attention to all the nuances of the different aspects of red wine until this pandemic year. My household red wine expenditure has quadrupled as Yukari and I experimented with some lovely wines while spending much more time at home.

Anyway, getting back to Mollydooker (which is Aussie slang for left-handed). I love that the winemaker’s website projects a very strong personality. This wine is certainly not being marketed as a commodity.

winesFor example, there’s a family series of wines named after Owner & Chief Winemaker Sarah Marquis’ children. Her son Luke “stomping grapes as a kid and now heading up the Mollydooker Sales Team” has a Shiraz called Blue-Eyed Boy while daughter Holly “who couldn’t stop laughing with crazy black glasses on” a Cabernet Sauvignon called Gigglepot.

We learn that Sarah, “the mother of the real-life Blue-Eyed Boy and the Gigglepot will introduce herself in true Mollydooker style, with a left-hand shake.”

When you’re marketing what many consider to be a commodity like wine, adding personality like Mollydooker has done elevates your offerings above the rest and builds fans.

Oh, and one more thing... I can’t wait to try some Gigglepot! (It's on order).

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