My Best Business Advice for College Students

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It is the beginning of another academic year in the USA and many other parts of the world. University students who are entering their third or fourth years are planning for that first job out of school.

So I thought it a perfect time to share a video interview I did last year on Behind the Brand TV with Bryan Elliott.

Bryan and I discussed what university students can do now to stand out in the future job market. This advice isn’t just for those in their final year. In fact it is more important for those starting their university education.

Please share with the students in your world.

Direct link to My Best Business Advice for College Students on YouTube.

The best way to get hired for that first job out of college is to stand out from everyone else who is graduating at the same time by creating an awesome personal brand on the web.

Imagine when a potential employer sees 100 resumes of people who are all 22 years old and all have good grades from fine schools. How do they choose? You’re one of a hundred.

Contrast that with the one person who has a great blog and YouTube channel in the subject that interests them.