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Today is the official publication date for the 4th edition of The New Rules of Marketing and PR.

For authors, "pub date" is exciting because it is when books ship from the online booksellers in the U.S. like Amazon and it is when the book appears on the shelves in American stores like Barnes & Noble. Books will be available worldwide in the coming weeks.

Direct link to Preview of the 4th edition of The New Rules of Marketing & PR by David Meerman Scott on Vimeo.

Of the four updates to New Rules, this 4th edition is the most comprehensive. It is completely revised and updated. I wrote new chapters on Newsjacking and marketing with images using tools like Pinterest and Instagram.

There are about 20 new stories of success too. To give you a taste of the sorts of new stories to expect in the 4th edition, I talk about how Service Dog Academy uses online video to reach buyers; how Ocean Frontiers uses Facebook to build an intensely loyal fan base; and how sharing photos via Instagram can help sell expensive products.

I've added so much new material it runs about 70 pages longer than the 3rd edition (which was also a major re-write). And because I deleted a bunch of older stories, it is probably 100 new pages.

Here is the press release from my publisher, John Wiley & Sons: David Meerman Scott Updates His Bestseller, "The New Rules of Marketing & PR," for Businesses Looking to Thrive in a More Visual and Direct Marketplace.

Many thanks for your support over the four editions. For an author, there is nothing better than being read.