Celebrate your content creators!

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Karim 2My friend Rich Jurek points us to Karim Nafatni, a Dubai-based commercial airline pilot who is also an avid photographer and likes to shoot photos in the cockpit.

As Karim says on his site, "being an airline pilot I got fascinated by the way the city looked from high levels."

The photos on Karim's site and his 500px feed are stunning. Others have noticed, with the UK's Daily Mail writing View from the top of the world: Passenger jet pilot's jaw-dropping photographs stunning vistas... taken from his cockpit at 35,000 ft and the Yahoo Blog Pilot showcases stunning photos taken from plane’s cockpit.

Embrace your content creators

Have you noticed what's missing in all of this? Nowhere in the photos, the articles, or on Karim’s site and photo feeds is there a mention of the airline he works for.

What a missed opportunity!

If I were a marketer at the airline Karim flies for, I’d love to talk up his photos. It humanizes the airline. It shows how that airline is different.

Seek out and celebrate your content creators! And realize it's likely they aren’t in the marketing department.


Photos via Karim Nafatni / 500px.com