Add a Google Plus +1 button to your content right now

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Social Media  |  Best Practices

Goggleplus Google+ has quickly swept through the planet and in record time has amassed tens of millions of users. And people are actively using it.

Many times I'm getting more interaction about - and inbound links to - my content on G+ than on Facebook and via Twitter.

Google+ is important

As the currency of social media is the "share" it essential that you make it easy for people to share your content on G+.

Add a +1 share button to your content right away.


My blog is built in TypePad. I didn’t realize until a few hours ago that the default setting on my blog’s share feature is "off." This meant that the +1 button at the bottom of each post was not showing up alongside the Facebook "like" and Twitter "Tweet" buttons. (The +1 button is much like the Facebook "Like" button - it surfaces content you choose onto your Google Plus stream).

It's a little convoluted to add the +1 on TypePad. Here are the steps.

I fixed it on my blog a few hours ago.

You need to take a look at your content and make sure you are making it easy for people to share.

Hey, it this was helpful, why not push that +1 button. If you are reading this on my blog, it right there below this sentence.