Photographs as compelling content marketing

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As content marketing becomes more and more popular these days with books like Content Rules and conferences like Content Marketing World, I'm not hearing much about the incredible value of photographs as a form of marketing.

A well-shot photo works great as a way to communicate.

Beans For example, consider Zürsun Idaho Heirloom Beans, the original U.S. company to offer authentic heirloom beans and unusual legumes worldwide.

The photos of the beans are remarkable.

"The glorious true-to-size pictures, carefully taken in natural light, have done more to promote the beans than any words possibly could," says Allison Boomer, founder, Eco-Conscious Food Marketing. Boomer worked on the content of the site and created the text-based content.

It seems so simple, doesn't it? Photos help to tell a story. Yet so many companies rely on inane stock photos, which make them look lazy and uncaring.

Paris_bistro Zürsun heirloom beans are grown on small-scale farms in the Snake River Canyon region of south central Idaho known as the Magic Valley Growing Area. The area's arid climate, rich, well-drained loamy soil, moderate temperatures and stable moisture level—internationally recognized as having ideal environmental conditions for bean growing—produce pure, distinctly flavorful beans, superior to common store-bought beans.

Sounds yummy, right?

Sure, the writing is compelling. But the photos seal the deal.

"I was careful about writing the content, however, as it turns out the photos have resonated so much more with customers than the text," Boomer says. "I didn't anticipate this going into designing the site, so I was lucky. I adore all the stunning bean pictures myself and evidently so does everyone else."

Content Marketing is more than plain text

When you're thinking about creating content marketing, don't forget about non-text based information. Videos, photographs, charts, graphs, infographics, white papers, ebooks, and other types of content may be just the thing for your business.