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UPDATE - March 7, 2011 - Tynicka Battle from ThinkTank jumped in to comment and I want to thank her very much for doing so. Please be sure to read her comment (the 23rd one down).

There is just one question to ask your prospective social media agency.
(Answer at the end of this post.)

Every agency touts their expertise in social media. It doesn't matter if they are a PR agency, ad agency, design agency, or interactive agency—they’ve got you covered for that social media stuff. "What's your budget again?"

This morning I received an email pitch from Len Stein of Visibility Public Relation (sic).

The email subject line is "Creating a Social Media Monster - Lady Gaga and agency Think Tank Digital." The email pitch tells me all about how "ThinkTank Digital was the agency behind [Lady Gaga’s] runaway success."

Wow! How amazing is that! I want me some of that success!!!

I find it fascinating that "Lady Gaga's Digital Agency of Record" hired a public relations firm to pitch me about the agency's role in creating a superstar: "Throughout Think Tank's two-and-a-half year campaign for Lady Gaga, which concluded November 2010, the pop star evolved into the first true superstar of the digital age becoming the first online franchise to: reach one billion online video views, the most followed person on Twitter, and a top "Liked" person on Facebook."

Holy cow!! ThinkTank Digital must be amazing at social media. If they are responsible for a billion online video views and 8.5 million Twitter @LadyGaga followers for the pop superstar, imagine how they must do their own social media marketing!!!

- ThinkTank on Facebook? Couldn’t find them.
- ThinkTank blog? None listed that I could find.
- ThinkTank video channel? Didn’t seem to be one.
- @thinktankmktg on Twitter? 398 followers

(Let me know if I’m missing something here – I'm happy to correct if I am in error).

The email pitch gushes about ThinkTank Digital's partners Tynicka Battle and Amina Elshahawi: "Their timing was certainly right - Social media was emerging as a force when ThinkTank Digital, was established, January 2006, to provide cutting-edge social media, digital marketing, branding, publicity, and interactive promotions for leading, and emerging, music artists, motion pictures, and consumer brands. But the agency's success is the result of Tynicka and Amina's passion for digital marketing, intuition and tireless energy."

- Tynicka Batelle on Twitter? Blogging? Video channel? Couldn’t find her.

- Amina Elshahawi on Twitter? Blogging? Video channel? Couldn’t find her.

The tagline on the ThinkTank Digital site is: "Your Audience Lives Online. Does Your Brand?"

Good question. I'm glad you asked.

I've said it before and now say it again: There is just one question to ask your prospective social media agency.

Note: Am I being a little harsh about ThinkTank Digital? Sure. But their PR agency pitched me the story! I'm just writing it as I see it. Thanks for the pitch.