Radiohead and crowdsourced video

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Radiohead In August 2009 a group of over 80 Radiohead fans descended on the Výstavištĕ Holešovice Exhibition Hall in Prague on a mission to capture the band playing live using as many different video camera angles as possible.

Most used inexpensive Flip Video cameras and the 50 or so camera angles were edited into one seamless two-hour concert video.

The band lent support by providing digital masters of the audio track for the entire concert. The result is stunning. Check out the trailer. Widescreen here.

This crowdsourced project shows that fans will support you if you let them.

Here is the complete concert video.

Last week I spoke about this project to a professional cameraman. He was hostile the idea. He said the video would be shaky. That amateurs can’t do it right. He told me without a proper setup with booms and cranes it won’t look good.

Last I checked, Radiohead was doing just fine thank you. And this project cost them nothing and gained more exposure for the band.

(I’d like to try this sometime duding one of my speeches…)