Seth Godin and Tom Peters on giving away content for free

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I frequently talk about the value of free content as way to reach buyers. If you are a regular reader you've seen this riff before.

Conventional wisdom, especially with B2B marketers, has been to only offer valuable information in exchange for contact information. Most companies still insist on requiring an email address in exchange for a white paper via squeeze pages.

See what Seth Godin and Tom Peters have to say on the topic.

Direct link to Seth Godin and Tom Peters on giving away content for free on Vimeo.

If you have trouble convincing your management team to try free information without an email registration, consider telling them that Seth Godin, Tom Peters, and David Meerman Scott all say to try it. Send them a link to this post.

The answers in this video were pulled from longer video interviews. If you haven't seen them, the full interviews are worth a watch. I interviewed Seth Godin around his book Linchpin and Tom Peters about his book The Little Big Things.

This Inside Look at Marketing video was produced by my friends at VisibleGains.