Social Media is the new punk rock

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Thanks to Trevor Young the PR Warrior for alerting me to this wonderful video produced by Engage | ORM.

ConcertcrowdBack in the day, I was into punk rock. It was loud, it was NOT disco, there was a culture surrounding it, and the cult-like followings for the bands were intense. Although I didn’t do the hair thing, I did dabble in the clothing and attitude a bit (well, as much as a suburban kid from Connecticut going to Kenyon College in Ohio could).

This will date me, but… The Ramones played my high school at the time their first album came out. That was Rock and Roll High School. I was fortunate enough to have seen a bunch of other cool bands live including: The Clash, Sex Pistols, and the Talking Heads.

Watch the video now. I think the gang at Engage | ORM are onto something with this analogy. It does seem a little like the late 1970s.

Are we social media punks?

photo credit: Shutterstock