Tony Robbins Free Virtual Event: New World New You Challenge

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NWNY_1080x1080Welcome to 2021. With the new year, each of us has an opportunity to rethink what’s possible, to start something new, to reboot. To help you consider what’s possible in your own world, my friend Tony Robbins is offering a free New World New You Challenge virtual event starting January 21.

Regular readers know that for the past 7 years, I’ve presented several times a year at Tony Robbins Business Mastery events. I’ve had a fascinating opportunity to get to know Tony and his teaching and I’ve used many of his ideas in my own business and personal life.

If you read my Wall Street Journal bestselling book Fanocracy: Turning Fans into Customers and Customers into Fans you may recall the wonderful foreword that Tony wrote for the book.

Tony has developed an amazing tribe of people and I count many among them as dear friends.

For those of you who may have wondered what a Tony Robbins event is like, this is your chance to find out. And if you want to experience one of the most amazing virtual events on the planet, this is your chance!

Tony’s events usually cost thousands of dollars to attend. This is a great opportunity because the 5-day New World New You Challenge virtual event is free.

You will learn ways to jump start your life, your relationships, your finances, your body, and your business for 2021.

Are you committed to make 2021 being the best year of your life?

NWNY-BadgeYes, 2020 was incredibly challenging in so many ways.

I’ve longed to see my friends and colleagues. I miss big family gatherings. I haven’t presented at an in-person speaking engagement since March and I feel a loss because I cannot interact with people at those events. And I deeply miss live music.

We are all facing disruptions big and small.

I’ve been hearing from many people who tell me they are eagerly waiting for “normal” to return.

Yes, I’m looking forward to being with friends and family, going to events, and seeing live music. But I’m even more excited about how I can transform myself in 2021 to be even better than the “old normal” 2019 version of me and my business.

Perhaps the same might be true for you.

Instead of looking to the past and trying to recreate it, why not consider the possibilities for the future? Don’t go back to the old ways when you can create something even more amazing!

That’s where Tony’s New World New You Challenge might help.

By disconnecting for a few hours each day for 5 days, you just might discover something about yourself that points you in a new direction. You could find the motivation to go down a different path.

Tony says: “You are not defined by what has happened, you are defined by what you do in this moment.”

I’ve been a part of more than 20 Tony Robbins events and at each and every one, I learn something truly valuable.

The New World New You Challenge is free

The New World New You Challenge live virtual training starting January 21 at 2:00 pm EST and will continue for 5 days starting each day at the same time. You will hear from Tony and other experts as they share tools and strategies to thrive in this new world.

I’ll be participating and I hope you consider participating too.


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