In His New Book The Practice, Seth Godin Riffs On Shipping Creative Work

I write about strategies to turn fans into customers and customers into fans. I also share ways to use real-time strategies to spread ideas, influence minds, and build business.

"Creativity is a skill, not a talent," says Seth Godin in his new book The Practice. "It can be learned. If we trust ourselves, we can do more than we ever imagined." I spoke with Seth to learn more about the book and about shipping your art.

I’ve read every Seth Godin book upon launch since Permission Marketing more than twenty years ago. He has an uncanny ability to publish ideas that have helped me along my own journey, and The Practice is no different.

THE PRACTICE_cover_hi res“The really important work we want to do does not come with a recipe,” Seth says. I was reading this and other similar ideas in my early review copy of The Practice as I was writing my own new book Standout Virtual Events: How to create an experience that your audience will love. Seth's ideas helped me to keep going and “ship my art”.

In our discussion, we talk about how people find their passion and their artistic voice, why it isn't important to have a credential to succeed (and a little about the Grateful Dead too).

The Practice will help you get unstuck and find the courage to make and share creative work. Seth says  writer's block is a myth, that consistency is far more important than authenticity, and that experiencing the imposter syndrome is a sign that you're a well-adjusted human.

Most of all, he shows you what it takes to turn your passion from a private distraction to a productive contribution, the one you've been seeking to share all along.


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