Escaping the AI Buzz

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Artificial Intelligence

DMS hikingI’m super excited that it is finally getting warm here in the Boston area so I can get outside to hike and surf. I love clearing my head while experience nature.

With all the talk of Artificial Intelligence in recent months, I find my mind swirling with possibility, with excitement, and with contemplating the many negative impacts of AI too.

Yes, AI is transforming how we live. That’s generally a good thing.

However, there’s only so much digging into the math and data and ethical considerations that make up AI. I need a break!

I’ve found that doing the opposite – no artificial anything – is what works best for me.

The antidote to AI?

For me, embracing nature to unwind and recharge in the great outdoors is the perfect antidote to AI.

I love to get outside. In recent years, I have especially enjoyed hiking and surfing. I find that both activities clear my mind and exercise my body.

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by AI, maybe you need to get outside too.

PS: I asked ChatGPT “What is the antidote to AI?”

The first paragraph of the answer: “The concept of an "antidote" to AI implies that AI is inherently harmful, which isn't necessarily true. AI has many beneficial applications in areas such as healthcare, education, and transportation. However, there are valid concerns about the potential negative impacts of AI, such as job displacement, privacy violations, and biases in decision-making.”


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