I really wanted to hate Google Plus

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Social Media

Plus The last thing I need is a new social network. So when I got a coveted invite to Google Plus, I really wanted to take a look, find out all the reasons why it sucks and then walk away.

But I can't walk away. Because I like it.

You can't go to every party.

I'm on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, YouTube, forums, and more and they work for me. Why would I need another social network?

I'm not on LinkedIn. If you want to know why, just Google the phrase Why I am not on LinkedIn. Last time I checked I was number on for this phrase. There are zillions of social networks I am happily not on.

I love NOT accepting requests from people to join random social networks.


Google+ (or Google Plus) is a Facebook-like application. It links to your other Google bits and pieces such as your Google Profile.

Here is my Google+ profile

Here is a demo of Google+

Googleplus dms

The best part of Google+ for me (so far) is "Circles."

Circles allow you to create groups of people to follow, but unlike Facebook, the other person need not reciprocate. So I added a bunch of people to my circles who I know and I am adding a few more every few hours. But I plan on being very selective.

Google has done an interesting thing with the rollout of Google+. They’ve initially invited people who are very social. So I immediately found people I wanted to be connected with. And they found me.

I’ve got 3,000+ Facebook friends and I follow 18,000 people on Twitter. That makes my streams quite clogged. With Google+ I can follow individual Circles which I really like. Everyone I follow I know personally and have shared a beer or a coffee with at some point.

No farm animals or wives of bankers (yet)

I also love that Google+ is pristine from spam artists (so far). I have no doubt that will change, but for now I am not dealing with people who want to transfer millions of dollars into my account or others who want me to join their farm or mafia. I really hope Google can control spam.

Google+ won't replace Facebook.

It is not a "Facebook killer." There is no way my teenage daughter and her friends will switch. Rather it is a new way for me to share with people I know personally and who I respect.

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