Get your team together and roll up your sleeves!

During my live in-person or virtual sessions, I coach your team to reimagine ways to reach your audiences and grow business. Please fill out the form below to get started.

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Get your team together and roll up your sleeves!

David Meerman Scott comes to your office to coach your team to reimagine ways to reach your audiences. Learn to take advantage of new real-time marketing and sales realities. Then set your organization up to exceed your goals by implementing new low cost (and no cost) strategies and tactics that are proven to grow business.

By the end of the day with David, your team will be eager to implement the new ideas. Everybody will be armed with a clear set of objectives and ready to implement actionable and fresh real-time approaches that create immediate results.

The live coaching session works, because David tailors each one from the ground up for your specific needs. He’s conducted similar events at dozens of varied organizations around the world including Dow Jones, Microsoft, United States Marine Corps, NY Islanders, Century 21, Jackson Healthcare, National Geographic, and many more.


The immediate impact of a Real-Time Mindshift can be seen from the reactions to David's recent programs in very different industries:


“David has truly opened our eyes to the latest trends in Real-Time Marketing. His passion and enthusiasm about the subject is inspiring. The powerful results he shared that can be achieved by embracing the “New Rules” of Marketing and Sales collaboration have left a lasting impression on our team. I am excited about implementing the ideas in the pursuit of revolutionizing the way we connect with our customers.”
 - Justus Kay, VP Marketing & Technology – Geoservices, Schlumberger

"When I returned from the airport after your New Rules of Marketing & PR presentation, my communications team was already in a meeting room next door, enthusiastically discussing your presentation and thoughtfully planning for short and long term application of your strategies. I couldn't help but smile that the desired outcome of your visit was so immediately apparent; before your plane had even departed, you were already making a difference in Cleveland."
- Roseann Canfora, Ph.D., Chief Communications Officer, Cleveland Metropolitan School District

“We had the honor of David presenting to our entire sales and management team. Since I was already a David Meerman Scott fan, I was hopeful that our salesforce would see what I had seen four years ago and achieve that bridge between sales and marketing that is so critical. Imagine my pleasant surprise when the presentation not only blew our team away, but it was so fresh and up to date with great new pearls of wisdom that I received as much value as the team did.”
 - Mark A. Jones, President and Co-Founder, AmeriFirst Mortgage Banking Group

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