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David Meerman Scott

Getting attention is one of the most important aspects of business.

Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business owners want people to pay attention to their company. Marketers, PR pros, advertisers, and salespeople are on the payroll for one reason: To generate attention.

David Meerman Scott is a leadership speaker and presents to business audiences all over the world on the ways to generate attention.

He talks about the three traditional ways to generate attention 1) You can buy attention. (This is called advertising). 2) You can beg for attention. (This is called Public Relations). 3) You can bug people one at a time to get attention. (This is called sales). There’s nothing wrong with these ways to generate attention, but there is a better way: You can earn attention online. by creating something interesting and publishing it online for free: A YouTube video, blog, research report, series of photos, twitter stream, ebook, Facebook fan page and the like.

David’s presentations are based on his BusinessWeek bestselling book The New Rules of Marketing & PR which is available in 28 languages and The New Rules of Sales & Service, his new hit book. As a result, he is in constant demand as a leadership speaker and his business focuses exclusively on speaking and running seminars. Since his calendar fills up quickly, it is a good idea to book him early to avoid disappointment.

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Rave Reviews

"The highest rated presenter at our Fortune Small Business magazine 'Sales and Marketing Summit' – in front of hundreds of our nation's top mid-market CEOs and executives – David cut through the jargon and provided a practical and example-filled presentation on how executives can actually utilize the Web 2.0 revolution to drive business to their companies."

Verne Harnish
CEO, Gazelles Inc. Fortune Conference Group

"Ranked number 3 in overall satisfaction among 224 presenters at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference. Very impressive. Thank you for delivering a session that our partners felt was very valuable. I look forward to working with you next year."

Susan Sibert
Senior Partner Skills Development Manager, Microsoft

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