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Hire Me to Speak

Eyeball Wars

Freshspot Publishing, 2001

He seems to have it all: youth, money, fame and a TV-star girlfriend. But Richard is booted out of the family’s worldwide newspaper empire with only the shell of an internet company to his name.

She seems to have nothing: a salary slave in Japan’s giant Kuriyama Corporation, Mariko must find an Internet company to fund in order to save her job, ambitions, and self-esteem.

Racy and riveting, Eyeball Wars is delighting savvy readers with an addictive tale packed with memorable characters.

Eyeball Wars

Praise for Eyeball Wars

“dotcom madness”
-Wired Magazine

“With the elements of a traditional best-selling novel, including exotic locales, family bickering and juicy scandals, Eyeball Wars successfully delivers dot-com freshness on every page.”
-ForeWord Magazine

“Eyeball Wars is a terrific debut from a young novelist; his characterizations are spot-on and his writing style splits the difference between, say, Martin Amis and Jay McInerny.”

“Like the dot-com world it portrays, Eyeball Wars is a fast, hip, self-reverential and amusingly serendipitous, a perfectly quirky novel of a perfectly quirky industry that is making up its own rules even as you read this.”
-Fort Myers News-Press

“fast-paced, winner-take-all world of the Internet… [Eyeball Wars] has everything, money, risk, sex, international wheeling and dealing. It’s a goody!”

“fast-paced…laden with brand names and hip locales…”
-Publishers Weekly