Visualizing Crap

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One of the quotes I use in presentations is "Search Engine Optimizing a crappy Website makes it slightly less crappy." If this sounds familiar to you, it may be because I've blogged it a few times.

Using the words Search Engine Optimization and crappy in the same sentence is not only funny, but it gets the point across about what SEO can and cannot do.

But there's another angle that I didn’t think of.

Visualizing crap

Newt Barrett's post Why Being Visual Can Bring Beautiful Business Results interested me and as I was looking at the examples Newt showed from 'Visual Blogger' Mark Smiciklas who writes Intersection Marketing, I was startled that Mark used my crappy analogy to create a wonderful visual.

So I high-tailed it over to Mark's blog to check it out. Damn is this a great way to show information.

I'm a word guy. I can write but I suck as a designer. So when I see the work of people like Mark and Doug Eymer (who designed this blog), I realize how important it is to have both. Powerful communications indeed.

Here is Mark's visual (click to enlarge). Thanks Mark!


top image: Brian Bress / Shutterstock
bottom image: Mark Smiciklas / Intersection Marketing